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Re: Data's high-speed heroics

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Soong didn't create Data to be some kind of killing machine. Data certainly could be dangerous with his his enhanced abilities as shown by Lore, but that doesn't mean he never misses with a phaser or can kill a room full of people in seconds.

Data can move his fingers and arms very quickly, but he can only run at normal speeds.
Data can move pretty fast even over rough terrain. But based upon what we know about the Borg, I don't think that they can move faster than you or I. - Geordi to Riker Decent Part 1.
But that doesn't necessarily follow that it means faster than a Human. There are some people who can move at incredible speeds over all sorts of terrain. But I imagine the Borg, being weighed down with implants and the like, would have a great deal more difficulty. We've never seen a drone running, after all.
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