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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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One of my first impressions was, "I feel absolutely catered to." The more Trek you know the more you are rewarded by the richness in this movie, everything from the obvious tribble to Quinto's slightly hunched way of standing. It catered to me who has been Trek saturated for decades and it also blew away complete newbies as a great movie.
Absolutely. I went with a small theatre party of friends, some of whom were lapsed diehard TOS fans, some TNG-only fans and one who, like me, became a Trek fan as a result of TAS and TMP (and we spent the early 80s working backwards). Few of them had followed VOY or ENT. The difference for me was that my enjoyment of the ST franchise had not waned, although I'd struggled with early DS9 and early VOY.

"I feel absolutely catered to" says it all.

My fellow TMP fan was totally won over by the Kelvin prologue. She said, as the opening credit sequence started, "How come JJ has already made me care about characters we've never even met before?"

I know quite a few people who are now working their way through varying Trek series for the first time because of ST:XI.
Again, absolutely. Just as I did way back in 1980.
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