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Re: One Dollar Audios

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Voyage to Venus has been released, a full month early! If you've pre-ordered either the CD or download, it's in your download queue on right now. You can order at the discounted price through the end of the year, then it goes up to full price.
Thanks OmahaValleyard, I've been wondering if I would get an email, or have to keep track of the release date, or if you'd sing it out that it was released.
You knew I would. And no worries. I listened to it today and enjoyed it quite a bit. And that's as much as I'll say until others have had a chance to listen to it as well. Spoilers and all that.

I'm thinking of keeping the Valeyard name after Halloween. It's been a decade, maybe time for a change. What do you think?

I'll probably download it and burn this weekend (Then the trick will be waiting until I finish HP and have more new Doctor Who saved up to listen to a group Doctor again. Always depressing to hae only 1 new story to listen to, it just goes by too fast)
I've had an awesome day. I got the Voyage download (still not sure if they are sending the CD next month or if they've already sent it; doesn't matter, since I already have the file), but also received another set that I ordered from ... The Ultimate Adventure and Beyond the Ultimate Adventure. Combined, with shipping, was less than 25 bucks. And normally just the first one is 25 bucks.

In 1989, a stage play premiered called The Ultimate Adventure, with Jon Pertwee reprising his Third Doctor role. He played it for 10 weeks, then retired (he turned 70 during this period). After that, it was slightly retooled and Colin Baker took over playing Six. In total, the stage play ran for five months.

A couple years ago, BF worked with Terrance Dicks, who wrote the original play, to update it for audio. It's a two-disc set, complete with extensive interviews with the cast and crew. It features new companions Jason, a French man the Doctor rescued just before his execution was to take place, and Chris, a young woman who works in a bar as a singer. Recently, they released a sequel in the Companion Chronicles line bringing back those two companions and Colin as the Doctor.

I've listened to about six hours' worth of Sixth Doctor material today. Why yes, I am in an awesome mood today.
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