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Neo Geo X

Anyone remember that insanely overpriced Neo Geo console ($650 in 1990. Ouch!) that we all ignored in favour of the SNES or Genesis (or TG-16 for a few of us)? Well, now it's being released in portable form at a much more reasonable price point of only very expensive. The Neo Geo X is a portable version of the Neo Geo that comes with 20 pre-packaged games (a few great games and some stinkers) for $130. There is a package for $200 that comes with a docking station (almost identical to the Neo Geo AES console for nostalgic purposes) that allows you to hook the portable up to your HDTV and a replica of the AES joystick for an almost authentic experience.

I'm going to wait and see how the system does before I buy one, but this is very interesting. You can play the great SNK classics on the go or hook it up at home for some multiplayer King of Fighters action. For $200, or $10 a game, that's not a bad price.
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