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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

Christopher wrote: View Post
But the key is, in a society where the warrior class rules and its values are the ones that shape the nation's policies, that dislike is not "just" dislike, but a determining factor in how science and technology are treated in society as a whole. Heck, just look at the current US Congress and you'll see that if the people in power have a negative attitude toward science and innovation, it can have a seriously harmful impact on scientific progress in a nation, due to a lack of funding and support for scientific institutions and education and the promotion of laws and policies based on scientifically illegitimate beliefs.
I just wanted to point out that the warriors don't have to be against innovation. Just against innovation coming from the "outside". That they would rather have the innovation/research come from the warrior class.

And it doesn't have to be as much as disdain, or dislike, just that they saw themselves as more important than everybody else.

I would like to use a real-life, so I will go with the cliche of Klingons being a cross between Japanese and Norse.
And in Japan it did work that way, after-all the samurai did depend on the craftsmen and sword-smiths and still consider themselves to be on a higher social level.

I may be going in circles here, but .

Hm, I wonder how the rise of the warrior class in the 22nd century was connected with the last emperor and the rise of the houses in 21st century.
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