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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Enjoyed it a lot, probably the best of Craig's Bond movies so far and I can easily see Sam Mendes returning for the next one.

This movie got a lot of things right and seems to have learned from others' mistakes. Nice to see Bond's ordeal actually have an impact on him (I'm looking at you, Die Another Day), and to have a story that feels like full-fat Bond without being an obvious retread. The movie is bolstered by some fine performances, particularly from Bardem (who provides the best Bond villain in ages and adds another standout psychopath to his CV). The cinematography and music were top-notch too, and pacing-wise the film never a lags or feels rushed.

Further observations and comments:

Not sure where exactly I stand regarding Ben Whishaw's Q. I think the old-head-on-young-shoulders approach is a little lacking in credible naturalism, but I guess you can't expect an eccentric genius to behave like 95% of the populace. Also, I could easily imagine this fellow taking up the reins from Matt Smith when the latter leaves Doctor Who.

Craig himself gives a robust performance as Bond, managing to bring both humanity and a little Conneryesque insouciance and humour to the role. Not sure about the quips; they seemed to lack comic timing, though perhaps this was deliberate. This Bond is ruthless and unflappable where needed, but he's far from a complete backstard.

Anyway, B+. Really entertaining, well worth a few hours of this viewer's time, and bona fide Bond to boot.
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