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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I've caught up with and finished IM #527, which finishes the run of writer Matt Fraction. I'm told that his work on the book has been pretty divisive with the hardcore fans of Iron Man.. Character assassination of Tony Stark, knocking him off the wagon, and making him a reactionary, less heroic superhero. I can see this, but at the same time I was fairly engaged by the storytelling of the book. Not being a huge comics reader (but loving the tech), I picked up the book with the start of Extremis and kept up with it. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't bad IMO.

But then, I went back and read some V.3 stuff on the recommendation of some aforementioned hardcore IM fans, and I see what they mean. Pre-Extremis, Tony was certainly more heroic (actually saving people with heroic deeds, versus concentrating solely on the corporate shenanigans and attacks on his companies). There were more colorful villains and lots more crossing over with other heroes; also, the action was IMO much more well done, with the tech being explained and used (versus showing simple energy blasts back and forth with no real choreography).

Also, while I really liked the Extremis armor, the Bleeding Edge armor that followed it really wasn't likeable (and I know it wasn't popular with readers). The various V.3 armors were artfully rendered and nicely shown in action, and with more believable tech than the nigh-magical stuff that culminated in Bleeding Edge, which was more shown without ever being really explained.

Overall, this Matt Fraction person had a very different take on writing Iron Man, and while I didn't hate it, I certainly preferred this more classic take on storytelling that preceded him. I'm not a hardcore comics guy, but I'll keep up casually reading IM and looking forward to the next team's take on Tony Stark.

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