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Re: The Micro Machine sets

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KirkPicard, I am jealous of that awesome collection!!!
I opted to try and collect most of the Futura series. They are of excellent quality. They are a bit overpriced, though.

One thing that disappoints about the Micro Machines series is that some of the ships were horribly warped, and they came that way out of the box. I have a couple of Klingon birds of prey with super warped wing tips.
Yeah, I had an X-Wing, whose lasers were like that. Also the nacelles on the "future" Enterprise-D are kind of warped (no pun intended).

I actually just casually put a small bid on Set II on eBay, not really caring, and not assuming I'd win, however I did. Oh well. When it gets here, we'll see if that version's any better. (If I see another Set I or Star Wars set that's not too pricey, I might bid on that too, seeing as so many of mine are broken).

Still want that Set III, though. In fact, I think this thread's making me want it more!
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