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Re: Power of the Federation

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Benjamin Maxwell seemed likely to cripple the Union on his own.
Maxwell destroyed a supply depot, a supply ship with a small crew, and a single combat vessel of unknown size, it very unlikely one Starfleet ship could have crippled the Union on it's own.

The Cardassians have been shown to be very weak
Dialog strongly suggests otherwise, the Federation and the Union fought a protracted series of wars (hot and cold) over the course of decades. The treaty of Journey's End featured the Federation losing a sizable piece of the territory they were fighting over.

not actually posing a threat to the military
Remember many of Starfleets ships are quite old, lot's of Excelsiors still in service. Picard's previous command look to be from the TOS movie era, it ended up running from a Cardassian warship just to survive. The after battle of Wolf 359 showed a few connie "refit style" ships among the derelicts.

Starfleet would seem to have relatively few ships the size and power of Maxwell's Phoenix or Picard's Enterprise.

Nechayev's comment about war with the Cardassians costing millions of Federation lives referred to Cardassians being willing to obliterate civilian populations
Picard: "The last war caused massive destruction and cost millions of lives."

Picard would seem to be referring to the combined cost to both sides. He was speaking to a Cardassian officer at the time. Some of the deaths were to civilians, but there was infantry ground action too, a younger O'Brien participated in such.

Ship to ship combat occurred as well.

KamenRiderBlade wrote: View Post
Logically, the Federation should have the fastest tech level increases with the way their society is structured.
We know very little of how the Federation is internally structured. There has been conjecture from some fans on this board that the majority of the people in the Federation literally do absolutely nothing.

The cooperation of over 150 species in all aspects ...
But do they? During ENT, a Vulcan military cruiser traveled at warp seven. During TOS a century later, Kirk's ship cruised at warp six. Not much cooperation there. From what we saw in Journey to Babel, the members of the Federation can have a very adversarial relationship with each other.

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