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Re: Romulan Klingon War

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That is an interesting point. D) home to a specific Klingon that stood in the way of Romulan-Klingon relations.

Wolfs father had been a major player in the peace with the Federation. It would be in the Romulans best interest to see the two powers at each others throats. The irony was that they did not count on the Enterprise C's response which paradoxically strengthened relations. I mean consider in the parallel universe without the interaction the Federation and Klingons eventually went to war so Khitomer peace accords, without the Enterprise C's actions, fail to secure a lasting peace. I would suspect it was Romulan actions that help spur on that war, it might even explain that the Federation was losing.
Enterprise intervened at Narandra, not Khitomer. Throught the series, you get impression that Romulans just attacked them in a surprise evil act, like there was no objectives and no war. I'm stil of the opinion that there was a low level war, but it is possible when you think about the rest of trek, that there wasn't. I mean, is Federation going to go to war over the Romulan attack on Omargosa observatory from Generations? What about Romulans attack in Balance of Terror? We see in Trek time and time again that raids don't warrant going to full scale war, probably because of potency of weapons involved.
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