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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'd expect that. While we're going to see an increase in dil from the STFers cashing in before the change, the there's still a lot of fleet stuff going on, and as fleets advance there's just going to be even more of a sink for dil. Plus, they're likely saving a bunch, as we're going to need it for the S7 stuff.

There's not really that much of a dil increase anyways - just a lot of folks are going to have tons of ore sitting there, waiting to be refined, as they're probably the folks that get 8000+ a day easy.

In other news, I heard that having more toons is a good way to make lots of zen (if one has the time, and I have the time), more than worth buying more char slots. For purposes of RP, I'm going to try not doing any of the story missions (at least until I can get mk x-xi stuff from them) - my main already is the big damn hero, you know. I wonder how that affects leveling speed. We'll see.
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