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Re: WOLVERINE director search down to 8

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I'm glad to see them going forward with this one. This way we don't have to worry about how well it lines up with the other movies quite as much.
If it were a self-contained story, set mostly or even entirely in Japan, ending with Logan walking off into the sunset, why would we have to worry about anything lining up?!

With Singer around, I'll not panic or anything, yet, but unless this is deliberately building to FC2, I fail to see how setting it after X3 is any kind of plus.
Well, it avoids continuity quibbles about how it contradicts the first 3 X-Men movies or First Class or whatever. And it allows for character growth for Logan - we don't have to ensure that the character at the end of the movie is the same as the guy at the start of X-Men. In other words, no adamantium bullets or other magical reset button required.

Also, I personally think it might be nice to see what has happened to the character since the events of TLS, and possibly to some of the other X-Men.

Finally, I think some of the set pics that have leaked would certainly suggest that this movie will be set at different time periods, so we will get to see pre-X-Men Wolvie.
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