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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Just got back from seeing it. I gave it an A+. It's a great celebration of the Bond legacy and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now for the spoilery bits, so look away now...


It almost feels like this should have been the movie to relaunch the franchise with its theme of rebirth and the re-introduction of familiar Bond characters. At times it can feel a bit out of place compared to the previous two films, but Bond has never really had story arcs which span over films so it's not too jarring.

I'm glad that the film focused on M just as much (if not moreso) as Bond as I've really enjoyed Judi Dench in the role and I'm glad she got a lot of screentime in her swansong. I did like the new Q and I'm sure Ralph Fiennes will be good as the new M. Just before Moneypenny was revealed I did think 'Hmm, have we heard her last name yet,' and it was nice to see the office from the classic Bond films.

I only have two minor complaints - one is that Javier Bardem is so good that I wish he had more screentime, but I suppose less is more. The other is that there wasn't really a Bond girl, on the way back I saw a poster with umm...I can't remember her name, but really she was only in the film for a handful of minutes.

Although the running time was quite lengthy its one of those films that doesn't drag, and it really didn't feel like two hours and a half had gone by. It looked absolutely stunning too, a couple of my favourite scenes were the silhouette fight early in the film between Bond & Patrice and the shot of Silva walking away from the blazing Skyfall.

Speaking of Skyfall it was good that we got a glimpse into Bond's past but I'm glad they didn't give us too much details. I quite like not knowing exactly how Bond became Bond.

Oh, and I hope the gun barrel will be back at the start from now on.
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