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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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First Judgmental statement would probably be "You Look Like Tattoo Flailing about like that"...(The Plane, The Plane, Bosth, The Plane)
I had a really bad rejoinder to this. Let's just say it involved Teal'c and the DS9 episode One Little Ship and leave it at that. And now..

Seth: This has always been one of my least favorite names (apologies if any of you are actually named this, ack) because my mother had all the Seth books on her bookshelf and I thought all that newage stuff was creepy as fuck. So having Seth as the Goa'uld undercover cult leader in his own compound on earth (in the PNW no less!) fit rather nicely. This episode also gave us a Jaffa joke which was just.. priceless. The whole scene, Teal'c laughing out loud after he relayed it and everyone else's reactions was great.

This episode contains my so far favorite line in Stargate, spoken by O'Neill to Carter after she kills Seth using the magic Goa'uld bracelet she wields thanks to her past blending.

"Hail Dorothy."

I'd watch this episode twenty times over to hear him deliver that again.


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