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Re: "Children of Time" Plot-hole Question

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I don't get this. Why would gaia Odo have the disease?

From his point of view the timeline went like this...
  • Went to earth in Homefront and Paradise Lost, infected with the disease.
  • Linked with female shapeshifter, infected rest of Great Link.
  • Punsihed and made solid. Odo cured of changling disease.
  • Baby changling absorbs into Odo, restoring his shapeshifting abilities. Odo now shapeshifter with no disease.
  • Odo stuck on Gaia, learns to shapeshift better.

Why would he end up dying from the disease on Gaia?
I see a much simpler explanation... Section 31 engineered this disease such that Odo would be a "carrier" but not show symptoms... The disease would have been structured in such a way that Odo's morphogenic matrix was immune.

So he infects the great link, but since different changelings have different matrices (like DNA, let's say), they became infected.

But they made him human. No more morphogenic matrix, no more disease.

Then Odo encounters the baby changeling he purchased from Quark (and this must definitely be one of "The Hundred").

Baby regloopifies Odo, resulting in a ... *drumroll* new and different morphogenic matrix, still uninfected.

Then, Children of Time. No sickness (aside from love sickness, guffaw).

Then, Dominion Occupation arc... Odo gets the disease from Princess Evil, and is no longer immune because the disease is only engineered to provide immunity to Odo's *original* morphogenic matrix.

And they all lived happily ever after.
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