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Hmm. They were a collective consciousness at their inception - a vast collective operating as one unifed entity. It was impossible for us mere mortals to comprehend or visualise the overawing nature of such a thing. I felt The Queen removed some of that mystique and made them too comparable to us.
How so? You admit it yourself, the Borg were "one unifed entity." Why is that mystique lost by any amount if that entity decides to control a physical body as a puppet?
Because it gives the Borg a leader and the Borg more scary and alien without a leader. There is no leader, no one Borg has more authority then another, having a Queen undoes all that. Introducing the Queen was the start of Borg's villain decay. Instead of hailing a Borg Cube and having a wall of Borg drones shouting at you, Janeway would often just be talking with the Queen on a view screen, which made the Borg seem like every other alien race out there.
If my model of the Collective is correct, then the Queen is not a leader. Are you the leader of your brain cells? No, you ARE your brain cells, you are formed from the interaction of all of them. They are not separate to you, so you can't be a leader. If you are their leader, then they must be the follower, which requires them to be separate to you. And this obviously isn't the case.

I see it as the Queen representing the conscious mind of the Collective, with the lots-o-voices being the subconscious mind.

Plus the Borg Queen was written as an idiot most of the time, she makes so stupid decisions in Unimatrix Zero, its hard to take the Borg seriously after that.
She's written as a spoiled brat, actually, which, when you think about it, is exactly what she is. An emotionally stunted little girl who wants everything her way right now. And as soon as she gets it, she doesn't care about anything else.
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