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I heard everyone talk about how great "The Curse of Fenric" was but it was years before I finally found a cheap used copy to be able to see it. When I did, I could say I was fairly underwhelmed and some of the stuff with Ace just weirded me out more than anything. Like, when she's trying to distract the soldier by flirting with him, it's more haunting than sexy I think.
A lot of the McCoy love comes from nostalgia, I think. For the fans who are 30+ years old, he was the Doctor when they were kids, and we know how that creates a bond that is not easily broken. Those fans usually see the Doctor as a schemer, a mysterious master manipulator, but although that was indeed Cartmel's intention, when you actually watch the episodes, that's never convincingly portrayed except for a couple of lines here and there.

The seduction scene in "Fenric" is a bit weird, but to be fair, it's one of the rare occasions in the series where Sophie Aldred actually acts, so it is one of her finest moments by default.
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