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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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I want Star Trek to be sci fi, not a mediocre action movie that was made by people who weren't even aware that Star Trek existed before some morons hired them to make the movie.
Um, JJ Abrams' first experience with "Star Trek" was the ST:TMP gala premiere at the Smithsonian.

And Bob Orci, the co-writer, has been a "Star Trek" fan all his life. He seeded the movie with references from numerous "Star Trek" novels he'd read as a teen.

No big fan of Star Trek could write this garbage
So how do explain the majority of big Star Trek fans - some of us are right here - who had a great time watching this so-called "garbage"? Not to mention Leonard Nimoy and Majel Barrett, who could both easily have ignored this movie rather than throw their enthusiastic support behind it.

Are we perhaps not true fans because we enjoyed a movie that was not meeting your narrow specifications of what makes a good "Star Trek" movie?
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