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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
I think they are lying, just so they don't seem like such hacks. "Oh, see, we like Star Trek, too" to try to get in with actual Star Trek fans. Its possible they're not lying, but if they're not then that just means they're fans who happen to be horrible Star Trek fanfic writers who got hired to actually do a movie based on the franchise. I can see a studio hiring people like that, especially after they worked on the "amazing" Transformers movies. Wether they are lying (I think this is more likely), or are actually just fans who suck at writing Star Trek, the fact remains is that they wrote the worst Star Trek thing to ever see official release.
Reality disagrees. Don't get me wrong, you are quite free to strongly dislike this movie, the writers, and anyone else you feel like disliking, but the reality is that the movie did very well, and is liked by the majority of Star Trek fans, including fans who grew up watching The Original Series.

I started out watching TOS when I was 4, back in 1984, and I loved that show with all of my heart. I could quote entire episodes, at 4 years of age. When TNG premiered, I was hooked permanently. I love Star Trek. I have scads of knowledge regarding the subject. I have so many favorite characters, and I love so many episodes across every series.

I love the 2009 movie. It pays a wonderful homage to the original series, and is a labor of love, and I can see it in every frame. Are there nonsensical moments? Sure. Science that doesn't work? Yep. Is it any different than any other Trek series or movie in that regard? Nope.

It is quite clear to me that the writers are fans, and that they wanted to do justice to the original characters. It is also quite clear that J.J. Abrams puts his whole heart and soul into his movies, including this one, and it shows. Whether you like it or not is your business, but you have no ground on which to stand when it comes to questioning their sincerity.

In all honesty, I put more trust and faith in a group of directors and writers who show enthusiasm and dedication to the franchise as a whole, than I do fans who are so negative and dour as to nearly remove all joy from the discussion.
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