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What episode shows a section of the exterior of a Constitution Class starshp?
Best of Both Worlds part 2. But only before an ad break, it disappears when the shot is replayed after the ad break.

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I would think that IF a new series is made in the Prime Universe, that the Breen could be a bigger part of it. A lot to explore.
For me, the Breen in the DS9 relaunch novels (and beyond) is the perfect answer to all our questions, while still making them a fascinating culture.
Never read them. Might have to. They on Kindle?

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(Easy) question: In what way is Ensign Ro treated differently than Lieutenant Worf when it comes to Starfleet regulations?
Worf is able to wear that thing, sash, over his uniform, while Ro was not allowed to wear her Bajoran ear ring.
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