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Yeah, I've never really understood all the love for "The Curse of Fenric." "Remembrance of the Daleks" was the 1st McCoy story I ever saw and it made me an instant 7th Doctor fan. (He was an early favorite of mine for a while until I started watching more Troughton. And then, of course, Matt Smith showed up.) I heard everyone talk about how great "The Curse of Fenric" was but it was years before I finally found a cheap used copy to be able to see it. When I did, I could say I was fairly underwhelmed and some of the stuff with Ace just weirded me out more than anything. Like, when she's trying to distract the soldier by flirting with him, it's more haunting than sexy I think.

I still have a few more McCoy stories left to go but, so far, I'd say he only ever really made 2 great stories: "Remembrance of the Daleks" & "Battlefield." Although "Silver Nemesis" & "Survival" are both decent. And I at least respect the intentions behind some of the more oddly experimental stuff like "Paradise Towers," "The Happiness Patrol," and even some of the more iconic moments from "Ghost Light." (To the extent that "Ghost Light" fails, it's because it's just kinda hard to keep track of the story as it's happening.)
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