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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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Tell us what you really think.

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...that was made by people who weren't even aware that Star Trek existed before some morons hired them to make the movie.
You mean like Harve Bennett (STII) and Nicholas Meyer (STVI)?
And, for that matter, Stuart Baird (STX)?
I'm not saying everyone who has made a good star trek movie/worked on good parts of the series need to have been involved/watching it since the 60's, its just that I don't think Abrahms even knew the franchise existed, based off how horrible the movie is. To be fair, the same goes for the writers, and I just found out that the writers also wrote Transformers (the first one together, and #2 with a third guy). Suddenly, everything I posted comparing it to Transformers makes even more sense. I was just comparing the audience for both, but I never imagined the first two Transformers movies and Abram's abomination share the same writers. I figured the writers were hacks, but I didn't know it was that bad.

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I'm surprised they could only think of 15 reasons

Honestly, I hate the 2009 movie more than any other movie I've ever seen (with the possible exception of The Dark Knight). I wish nothing but failure for JJ Abrahms, he's a complete hack. Compared to the 2009 movie, ST5: TFF and Insurrection were cinematic masterpieces. It just sucks that my favorite franchise has been utterly destroyed, atleast when it comes to movies/TV. We'll never get a good movie, or a normal TV show, ever again.
There, there... everything's going to be all right.

I get worked up when it gets to Abrams horrible monstrocity. I could rant for hours about why I hate it. I try to just ignore it, but now and then I just have to let my anger out
Looks at forum name. Wonders if "ignoring" has a hitherto unknown meaning.
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