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Re: Any old timers still around?

doubleohAHHHHHH!!!!! wrote: View Post
...just like it is now.

Really, what I miss more are the people. Shatna, Angry Angel, Spiff, mrcoaster, Bears, even crazy people like MajorBarcalow and Enterpriser... there was an air of unpredictability every time you logged in. Plus, I think, it was easier to think of it all as new and refreshing and fun because we all hadn't described every last detail of televised and filmed Trek under the sun ad nauseam yet, so the "old-timers" who were here for those early days don't see much reason to come back with the advent of sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Doesn't Spiff still pop up time to time?

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Out of curiosity how many other people here have changed their screenname over the years? I've been cooleddie74 since the day I first joined and have never really been all that tempted to change it. I know we've had a few people who've changed theirs multiple times and for very lame and sketchy reasons (one in particular comes to mind but I won't mention them myself...if you guys can guess then more power to you) but as the years go by my memory of some board monikers has gotten pretty cloudy.
I've been always been Finn except in Octobers and Decembers, obviously. I had considered changing it a couple of times during my first couple of years here. But I couldn't come up with a screenname.
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