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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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I got a pair of Ariat two-tone (caramel and milk chocolate brown) leather lace up ankle boots. They retail between $200-$400, and I got them off ebay for $25. They are gorgeous, in great condition, look to have been worn twice at the most, and fit like a glove -- or a well-made boot, I've just realized how many pairs of gloves I've tried on that haven't fit. I understand why people buy expensive shoes; you don't realize the difference in quality sometimes until you stick your foot into a $30 boot and then into a $300 -- what I don't understand is why they'd bother paying full price!
I've bought second-hand high-end shoes in the past - wearing a pair as I type, in fact - and would only recommend it if someone has (genuinely!) only worn them very, very briefly i.e. a few hours or so. Your pair sounds like it fits this description and certainly, the ones I'm wearing did when I bought them.

Leaving aside hygiene issues, the bigger reason is that once the shoe's footbed moulds itself to someone's foot, it's very difficult for it to reshape itself to yours. According to a orthopaedic colleague, that can to potential subtle problems further down the line. I haven't read any literature around this myself, so don't know if he's being overly cautious/paranoid, but I've decided it's probably best to err on the side of caution. So I've personally stopped buying second-hand shoes completely, and I think the pair I'm currently wearing is the only one left in my wardrobe.
Hygiene? I thought it was a given that one cleans used shoes and garments before wearing them!

I had heard that about the shoe conforming to the foot, but I wouldn't buy shoes that had been worn that often, and given that I probably walk more in a day than most people do in a week, I think my feet will stubbornly pound their adorable little shape into the soles fairly quickly! And my feet are both stubborn and adorable. Like the rest of me.

Anyway, from shoes to jackets: I've just ordered a couple of tweedy checked jackets. One is a blue check on a grey background, the other a tan/mustardy check on a green background. Really looking forward to getting them, though it will be some time until they're ready.
I've just ordered a pair of bespoke leather gloves, and so am playing the same waiting game! They will be 35 cm long leather fingerless gloves in camel.

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