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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

I agree with Tom. Everyone has an off night, I don't see why it's such a big deal. Verlander is undoubtedly a great pitcher and from what I have seen, seems like a decent guy as MLB players go. I don't see why he needs to be taken down a peg simply because announcers and analysts keep talking about him. It's not like it's his fault.

I also think people easily fall into double-standards when it comes to stuff like this. Laser Beam, if Verlander was a Yankees pitcher, and the world series was New York vs. SF, and everything else about his performance + how much the commentators yak about him was the same... I don't think you'd be complaining. This is true of a lot of people.

And a big blowout like this isn't what I wanted either (I'm more of an A's fan than a Giants fan, so with this series, I'm wanting to see good games more than I'm wanting to see the Giants win; I completely understand the sentiment of an SF fan, though, and if it were the A's, I'd be hollering and cheering for any and every kind of victory ), but I still enjoy watching the games. I do think things will tighten up going forward; the Tigers have received a rather startling wake-up call, and they'll need to quickly shake off any lingering sluggishness from their time off. Fister has been quite good in the postseason as well, and Bumgarner not so much, so that bodes well for them. Then again, Barry Zito outpitched Justin Verlander to the tune of 5-1, so who the hell knows what'll happen next.

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