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Re: Power of the Federation

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So what does that say about tech progression, 1 little shuttle is enough power to take out Voyager ...
Today a small 40 year old fighter can fire a missile that can then destroy a top of the line naval cruiser.

With the correct weapon mounted on it, a TOS era shuttlecraft could destroy Voyager.
I wouldn't be sure of that, as I understand how things work in Star Trek.

I have long believed that fighters would not work in Star Trek for one reason and one reason alone. Today, fighters work because they can carry missiles that can cripple a ship, if not directly cause it to sink. In Star Trek, at least among the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, no one possesses a weapon that can take down a ship with its shields raised. And in a fight between a starship and a shuttle, I have seen nothing to indicate that a shuttle has better or more durable shields than a bigger ship.

A shuttle from the future disabling an intact Federation starship (and I will work the visual evidence of an always clean Voyager meaning that the crew can repair any damage they sustain with enough power for the replicators) means that the shuttle must be more advanced than the Voyager.
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