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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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How do you beam aboard a ship at warp, if that ship has been traveling at warp for probably hours and is light years away? Transporting while its at warp isn't the problem, the distance is.
Long range "subspace beaming" was introduced in the Next Generation episode "Bloodlines". As in STXI, it was a minor adjustement to the transporter, very rarely used due to the danger factor.
What about giving a cadet, who hasn't graduated from the academy and doesn't even have a commission yet, command of one of your most important starships?
Although he hadn't yet graduated, Kirk was a lieutenent (as was Uhura), like Saavik in STII. Still an insane leap, though. I imagine Old Spock probably had a little something to do with it.
Or a starfleet officer marooning a person on a ball of ice, instead of sticking the person in the brig? I don't think starfleet supports jettisoning insubordinate crewmen on dangerous worlds/moons.
Actually, marooning stowaways is explicitly said to be allowed by Starfleet regulations in one of the early New Frontier novels. Although the point in the movie was to show that Spock had been emotionally compromised by the death of his mother and destruction of his planet.
What about the fact that they apparently installed steam engines, complete with hundreds of pipes, in their starships?
There were dozens of pipes in the TOS engine room. This Enterprise is a lot bigger, and it's engineering section is too. And what do you think they keep behind the walls and under the floors of all those "neater" engine rooms in other Treks? Certainly not machinery and pipes
Why did spock bring what looks like enough mysterious "red matter" to blow up every planet in the federation, if he just needed a small drop to stop the explosion?
Perhaps it's only stable enough for transit in larger amounts? Or that Spock didn't know how much would be needed until he got there?
How does a sun go nova out of nowhere, anyway?
Because it's Star Trek! We've seen dozens of similar things over the years.
Ok, I think I need to end my post now. I'm really starting to lose it. I think I've gotten a lot of my anger out of my system now. For a few hours, atleast
Maybe you'll have a little more once you've read this
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