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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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Tell us what you really think.

You mean like Harve Bennett (STII) and Nicholas Meyer (STVI)?
And, for that matter, Stuart Baird (STX)?
I'm not saying everyone who has made a good star trek movie/worked on good parts of the series need to have been involved/watching it since the 60's, its just that I don't think Abrahms even knew the franchise existed, based off how horrible the movie is. To be fair, the same goes for the writers, and I just found out that the writers also wrote Transformers (the first one together, and #2 with a third guy). Suddenly, everything I posted comparing it to Transformers makes even more sense. I was just comparing the audience for both, but I never imagined the first two Transformers movies and Abram's abomination share the same writers. I figured the writers were hacks, but I didn't know it was that bad.
While we're probably never gonna agree about the quality of the movie, I want to point out that those writers also wrote for the TV series' Lost and Fringe.

Bob Orci is a die-hard Trekkie who even has shelves of the novels, and IIRC Alex Kurtzman is on record as a TNG fan, whose favourite episode of any television show ever is Next Gen's finale, "All Good Things".

JJ Abrams was a casual occasional Trek viewer prior to being hired to direct STXI.
Lost sucked, and I've never seen Fringe. I do call BS on the writers being fans. No big fan of Star Trek could write this garbage (not to mention Transformers 2). As for JJ, if by casual you mean that at one point, sometime in his life, an episode of Star Trek played on a TV in a room he was in while he was doing something else, that I can believe. Besides that, I'm really surprised he didn't mistake Star Trek for Star Wars and end up having Spock talk like Yoda

You're right about us not agreeing about the movie, and thats fine. I just wish it wasn't the new standard for star trek in movies. It has no substance, goes completely against everything the show was about, and spends most of its time just contradicting everything that came before it seemingly just to piss of the fans that made star Trek survive for so long. I just wish they would put star Trek out of its misery. What was once an amazing sci Fi series has turned into a mediocre mainstream action movie by the people that think Shia Lebeouf should have more screen time in a movie about giant robots than the giant robots.

I'm totally expecting two racial stereotype ensigns in the next movie, then the transformers formula will be complete. You'll have your pretty special effects (the "Enterprise" that looks like a two year old designed it, complete with actual windows on the bridge, a steam powered engine, and lens flare generators), an annoying female character who gets too much screen time (seriously, mediocre Uhura gets more lines than decent McCoy?), various annoying secondary characters (Chekov is a blonde? And his accent is so thick that the highly advanced computer can't understand him?), main character(s) who are just stupid (Bill Cosby would have been a better choice for Spock, he definately would have played the role better), and plot inconsistances that you can fly a borg cube through.

How do you beam aboard a ship at warp, if that ship has been traveling at warp for probably hours and is light years away? Transporting while its at warp isn't the problem, the distance is. What about giving a cadet, who hasn't graduated from the academy and doesn't even have a commission yet, command of one of your most important starships? Or a starfleet officer marooning a person on a ball of ice, instead of sticking the person in the brig? I don't think starfleet supports jettisoning insubordinate crewmen on dangerous worlds/moons. What about the fact that they apparently installed steam engines, complete with hundreds of pipes, in their starships? Why did spock bring what looks like enough mysterious "red matter" to blow up every planet in the federation, if he just needed a small drop to stop the explosion? How does a sun go nova out of nowhere, anyway?

Ok, I think I need to end my post now. I'm really starting to lose it. I think I've gotten a lot of my anger out of my system now. For a few hours, atleast
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