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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

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They don't have to reverse engineer it, though. Conquered civilizations aren't always destroyed. "You will now teach us about this technology. You will build this technology for us." etc...
Indeed, that's the whole point of empires as sociopolitical entities. An empire is what you get when one powerful state takes over multiple other societies and funnels their resources, wealth, personnel, etc. to the service of its own prosperity and efforts.

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Well we assume that Klingons have always been "all" about the warrior code.
How are we assuming that? As I just said, we know for a canonical fact, thanks to ENT: "Judgment," that the dominance of the warrior caste began only in the early 22nd or late 21st century. In other words, if Qo'noS existed and we went there today, in 2012, we'd most likely find what Kolos described as "a great society... [where] honor was earned through integrity and acts of true courage, not senseless bloodshed." Probably still an aggressive society by our standards, but not so dominated by its military class and their values as it would be a century or two later.

They seemed much more pragmatic in the 23 century. Upon entering into a space building empire mode they may have strongly embraced a scientist class and even warriors were well educated preferring technology instead of focusing on hand to hand combat but with peace with the Federation you see a cultural shift to "get back" to their roots.

This may have even been in waves, there is a concept even in the US of the cultural pendulum wherein we embrace liberal and conservative views.
That could certainly be the case. Although the 2150s society Kolos condemns in "Judgment," where victory by any means is valued over integrity, does seem pretty similar to the treacherous Klingon mentality we glimpsed in the TOS era.
Hence the "all" statement. It seems reasonable to assume that there is a strong "honor" aspect to the Klingon but like knights or Samurai there are periods where the code was less important than actually winning wherein they fled battle or did underhanded things to achieve victory. So the strong almost religious adherence to honor may come and go. There was a theme of the Klingon's losing their warrior way in the TNG. They even cloned Kahless to address this. That might not have been an isolated event wherein they often struggle with technology and the old ways. Again not that different from modern culture in the west or Japan.

Now on another note. Are we assuming that warriors can be great engineers? The vikings did amazing things with their ships and were great explorers. There was at times that strong sense of pride in the ship and knowing every inch of it amount various Klingons in the TNG and DS9.
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