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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

I'm currently wondering about this beautiful long rectangular corridor from "Where No Man Has Gone Before" which looks to be predestined for the engineering hull:

Does anybody know where to find stage plans of this original pilot set?

It's quite unique: The wall with the transparent panel and door is actually the "back door" of our regular transporter but in WNM they used it as the main entry door.

I've seen three or four different uses of this corridor:
- after the Valiant flight recorder has beamed onboard, Kirk and Spock exit and move towards the angled in section of the corridor (original version)
- after the opening credits we see another shot of a now different corridor, the "Transporter" label above the door has been removed (original version) not available from Trekcore
- Mitchell "stalks" Yeoman and is walking towards the other end where a couple of stairs led to a lower part of the deck (alternate version)
- Sulu and Dr. Boyce are passing through the corridor the same direction Kirk and Spock took (alternate version)

I should add this to my "wish list" next to Auxilary Control (and I'm also a little confused by the architecture of the Herbarium from Season Three ).

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