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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

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I was discussing the premiere with someone at work today, and had a few random thoughts.

So it looks like the alien abduction was real, and the boy was innocent. So is he being tortured into becoming Bloody Face? We see the killer at the end of the episode confronting the girl in the current timeline, but our boy would be in his 70's who was that?

Jessica Lange....she can bring it for an old lady! She's 63. Does that make her a GILF?

Who/what is outside in the woods?

What will happen to our reporter? I imagine it won't be good...

God, I love this show.

Im thinking that thing the nun was feeding is that creature attacking that girl in our timeframe?
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I'm starting to wonder if the "little creatures" in the forest are actually the aliens.
From what I've read, the carnivorous creatures (there's more than one) in the woods are not the aliens. These are possibly "Reavers" that will be revealed later, mutant experiments of Dr. Arden. The serial killer that came to be known as Bloody Face (for which Kit is mistaken) is a different entity; perhaps he is one of the mutant experiments, but certainly an extraterrestial doesn't need a knife to murder people.

It was great to get a glimpse of Sister Jude's shameful past as revealed by the demon-possessed guy. It made me wonder how Jessica Lange's character underwent the transformation from being a drunken tramp who accidentally killed a little girl to being a rigid and morally conservative nun in a leadership position.

Zachary Quinto's Dr. Thredson, the court-appointed psychiatrist assigned to Kit, appears to be a man of high ethics and is more sympathetic toward the patients at the asylum. "This is 1964! You still perform exorcism?" "Electro-shocked therapy should no longer be used to treat homosexuality. It should be behavioral modification!"

Dr. Arden is just a scumbag weirdo. Hiring a hooker for a dinner date and having her dressed up in a nun outfit? And what's with the pictures of bound and gagged women? Could he be Bloody Face? He surely has a thing for Sister Mary Eunice, and the devil may have possessed her.

Awesome episode!
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