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Re: Who would you love to see cast in the next series?

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I'm no fan of Justin Beiber's, but, why such hatred? It's not like he's a sparkly Vampire or anything
He's worse because he actually exists

As for sparkly vamps, I have never and will never watch Twilight, so to me that isn't even an option

But enough of the Bieber hatred, and back to the thread. Who would you want cast?
I don't have any solid demands for Main cast, but recurring and Guest, I have a pile of wants

Mira Furlan would make an excellent Vulcan or Andorian (Or even a Romulan)
Fionnula Flannigan, we've seen as Cardassian and Vulcan, I'd like to see her as an Andorian
Jefferey Combs hasn't done Romulan yet
Ronnie Cox, I'd love to see him in one more Iconic role before he retires
Michael Emerson could be great as a Gowron Relative (Or actually anyone in heavy prosthetics, because of his intense eyes)
JG HErtzler as another Alien
I third Morena Baccarain as T'Pring

Yes, that list skews old, but, again, not main cast, and of course I'd settle for them as new Aliens
One Day I hope to be the Man my Cat thinks I am

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