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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

A work of fiction that presumes the existence of something that can be called a "soul" within its putative reality is not necessarily presuming the existence of destiny. The two concepts have nothing to do with each other beyond both falling into the general category of metaphysics.
And I see Beyer drawing the ideas of the soul, faith and destiny together in this book. That is what I am saying. She is using these metaphysical ideas, as she said in her post back to me, to help explain the reasons that Janeway had died and is being risen. Again I see these things because of my perspective of life. I hold to the metaphysical and spiritual alongside science and reason, so I look for both when I read a book or watch a film or listen to music. And again, from the story, Janeway finds that what is metaphysical has much more value in the end than the reason and science she has clung to for so many years. Faith, the soul and destiny are all apart of these things that she is beginning to see the value of.


Her soul.

They have always been there, underpinning what she believed were more useful to her: reason and passion. But, however briefly, Kathryn had touched something infinitely deeper. That short exposure had left her adrift but more firmly anchored to herself.

She had never shared with anyone the absolute devastation she had felt when a scientific explanation had been discovered to explain the ‘miracle.’ Had she spent more time in the company of her soul prior to this experience, the would not have been as quick to return to business as usual. Kathryn did not need to locate her soul within her. This ineffable thing was now the sum total of her reality”
I think one of the problems with "Destiny" here is that it is also confused with preordination. Preordination is a path that is impossible to refuse, where Destiny implies individual choice. In "The Eternal Tide" there was a lot of choosing by a lot of characters.

Science Fiction in the past has chosen to ignore the metaphysical, yet is such a part of human experience; I don't believe it will be left behind when we step away from Earth.

“It’s not that there is no such thing as ‘Destiny’—it’s that ‘Destiny’ is far more complex than the Ancient Greeks knew.” Jacqueline Lichtenberg
There is a fine line between the choosing and the idea of Destiny. Junior especially seems to know that he has been made for such a time as this, that it is his first, best destiny to save the galaxy. So he could choose to not save it, but that he will be the fullest and best him if he follows what he has been made to do. In much the same way that Harry Potter has the choice to not face Vold but knows that at the same time he must. Junior even makes a joke to this effect when he takes away Miral's messiahship "Being a messiah isn't all its cracked up to be." He can see that he has been made for this destiny, but would never wish this young girl to walk that road. He later tells this father, "It's not just the power, Father. You know that. It's also the vessel. I am the only Q in existence capable of containing all that I am, all that she needs...It has to be me." Then Janeway makes it abundantly clear
"Faith.....Nothing is certain here, but in my heart of hearts, I know he's right. You are both unique, the only individuals of your kind. You've already glimpsed his power. It's preventing you from returning to Omega even now. From the beginning this has been about balance; the child of the Q and the child of Omega are the balance restored.
A thin line indeed
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