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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'm usually on for an hour or so somewhere between 5-7 ET, and always willing to help. Failing that, just go do one and learn the ropes, and you're fine.

Try and join the EliteSTF channel, don't play with random PUGS. that way you won't get AFKers (as much), and idiots that won't listen or participate. Most of the ones in that channel have established plans that pretty much always work, and you just jump in, confirm it, and go.

As long as you show willingness to actually follow direction, can't see the issue. Tell them to explain the plan better and you'll follow it. And then show up with non-useless gear, can't imagine you'll have any troubles.

Elite isn't THAT much harder once you accept the standard plans to beat them, and they pay double...
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