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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

I've got the tickets too see the 21:15 showing on Saturday evening. Both me and the other half work till latish tomorrow and off on Saturday!

Am rather looking forward to it. I might even say a few words when we get in on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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A grading and discussion thread implies that there will be spoilers. As for the thread starting now a few days before the UK general release. I don't remember seeing many threads waiting for a UK/International release when that occurs after a US release. You can't apply a form of double standards, expect others to wait for a thread to be started because it hasn't been released yet in a particular country. Or we would be waiting weeks if not months till it had come out in all countries. The fairest and simplist way is to create the thread when a film/TV series first comes out no matter the country in which it first comes out.
Exactly, it makes perfect 100% sense to make a thread about Skyfall days before it's release in the UK as that's one of the first places it's being released.

Was it the same when The Avengers came out here before America or four years ago when Quantum of Solace was released here before the colonies?
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