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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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One interesting thing I didn't notice before is that Damar is revealing a lot of top secret information to Quark even though Damar must know that Quark's loyalties are divided right now. I used to think that this was because of Damar's overconfidence, but is it possible that this was the first sign that Damar's conscience was bothering him and he subconsciously told Quark in the hope that the Dominion would be stopped? That seems a little out there, but MA suggests that the writers were considering such things at this time.
While that does seem a bit extreme to me, and I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that he wanted the Dominion stopped (not yet, anyway), I can fully buy into the idea that he was using Quark as an outlet for his subconscious concerns, and perhaps giving himself some small breathing room by allowing the shape of the future to possibly end up in hands other than his own. I think Damar did indeed have niggling suspicions and unease regarding the Dominion membership, but as a loyal Cardassian (with personal loyalty to Dukat, at that) he couldn't confront how he was feeling. And things were moving so fast - when that minefield came down, as far as everyone knew, the triumph of the Dominion was at hand. Damar was helping this young alliance move toward domination of known space before he'd even had a chance to fully absorb where Dukat had taken them (or so I assume). Damar was personally creating the future, and I can't imagine he didn't already have some doubts.

So even though revealing your military agenda to a Ferengi barkeeper is never a good idea, particularly when said Ferengi barkeeper has potential ties to people who might oppose you, I think Damar didn't fully care, and I do think there may have been a bit of subconscious longing for "somebody take this weight off of my hands. I don't want to carry the burden of the future alone". Who knows? I think it's a great idea to mine for fan-fic, but who can say in terms of what we see on screen?

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(As an aside, calling the Female Changeling by that moniker is getting lame, I need a new name for her, like how I called The Doctor "K-Shmull". Any suggestions? Because if you guys don't come up with anything then I'll just come up with something stupid like F-Change.)
I always disliked the term "Female Changeling", as though Odo is the Changeling and this one is differentiated by being female. I prefer "Founder Leader", since that's apparently what does distinguish her; even if she's not a leader in the eyes of her people (I doubt the Link has any), she's been selected to fulfil that role both for the Alpha Quadrant and, in a sense, for Odo. So you could call her The Leader; imagine it said in a creepy drawn-out voice like in that Simpsons episode with the cult. After all, that's sort of what she is - the cult leader trying to entrap Odo.
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