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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

In the directors commentaries (and I think Ronald D Moore talked about this for BSG), clip shows allow you to shift budgeted money between episodes so you can support one that eats up a ton of sets or CGI. But what 46379.1 said might indicate that SciFi was trying to get some shows to do flashback season endings, which would of course be the end of that season's budget, so perhaps they wanted to use that money on some other show's season-ending budget-busting blowout, or perhaps some executive had his bonus based on how much a series came in under budget.

As for Carter covered by a silver towel, O'Neill definitely wanted to look, too.

And once again, we saw the failure of a Goa'uld hand-device, which seem to be less effective at inflicting face pain than pepper-spray. Sadly, at no point in the series did an SG member pepper spray a Goa'uld using a hand-device, in a cute "my hand weapon trumps your hand weapon" scene.

Little known fact: Hathor wasn't killed, just frozen, and she was later freed by a rival system lord. Then she escaped and to Earth and used her one skill (tricking unwary men in close proximity into worshipping her) to get a reality show, now calling herself "Kim Kardasian".
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