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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I mean, Janeway even becomes aware of her own soul,
What's that got to do with destiny? They're entirely separate metaphysical concepts.
It has to do with the fact that there is a metaphysical part of the universe. There is something bigger and deeper than just the material. And yes I believe it is perspective and because your perspective is limiting your vision to the idea that something can have a metaphysical or spiritual component is the issue. I do not think that there is any reason that science and the metaphysical do not work in concert together. You may not have "felt" the idea of destiny, but I don't believe you would see it. As humans, if we don't search for something we never seem to find it or see it. Since you are always looking at pure reason like Janeway use to it will be hard to find the idea of "destiny" or the metaphysical. Yet Janeway, in this book learns that there is more to life than just reason and science; there is the metaphysical, something much deeper and more important and it all starts with the life of the soul, faith.

Kirsten herself responded to my review of the book at Trek.Fm and said this in response.
And Enterpriserules...yes, I read your review and was delighted that some of the more metaphysical aspects of the story worked for you. It can be a tough line to walk and I think a lot of people aren't comfortable going there. It's supposed to be "science" fiction after all. But in this case, given where we started and where we had to go, the spiritual aspects kept resonating so I decided to trust it. It's not something that every story calls for, but it is an aspect of humanity that I find every bit as interesting and worthy of exploration as any other if the context is appropriate and it serves the story.
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