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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

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Are those the re-done FX for TNG or the original ones? The screenshots would suggest that the Constellation is almost as long as the E-D. The close up of the bridge (in the nose bay picture) looks like it has a tiny bridge was stuck on top of the original dome structure suggesting a ship far larger than being a contemporary of the Connies and Mirandas...
These pics are from the Blu-Ray version of TNG, which I used since TrekCore has been diligently adding those to their galleries. I don't know exactly what may have been done to "clean up" some of the FX shots for the BR discs, but it is fair to say that the numbers on the hangars are far more legible than they are on the DVD screencaps. You can't see any of those numerals clearly, but it seems likely the design intent was for them to be shuttlebays.

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