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Why the random episiodes?

I met with a friend I hadn't seen in years. Last time he was over we had something of a stargate SG1 marathon so I asked him if he had continued with the series and what he thought.

He said that he stopped watching it when the show stopped taking itself seriously. Asked for a few examples, he mentioned that one episode that had nothing to do with Stargate at all but was just "teal'c plays a firefighter". Yeah, I did think that was a bit odd.

He also mentioned about when O'Neill was a general, and his overall apathetic attitude, like the actor didn't even want the role.

I have to agree with his sentiment, though in my case it didn't stop me from watching the rest of the series. Do others agree that the series didn't take itself seriously enough toward the end? What possible reason could they have had to make an episode about firefighters that had nothing to do with Stargate? It seemed almost like something Christopher Judge wanted to do on a personal level and the producers just said "ok".
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