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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Oh, really? The premise of Forbidden Planet begins with "Ancient technology disrupts the lives and mission of future space explorers." Simplification? Maybe. Over-simplification? Hardly.
"Ancient technology disrupts the lives and mission of future space explorers" is a simplification of Forbidden Planet itself. It's the Maguffin that sparks the main plot of that movie, not the plot itself. If Trek did an episode about "a scientists id terrorizes space explorers while he sleeps" every few weeks, I'd agree. Ancient techology is the hook you're hanging these plots on, and Trek dipped into that well often, but they also loved doing stories about "out of control AI" and "snooty godlike aliens." What matters is what they did with these concepts. Remaking the central plot of Forbidden Planet is not one of the routes they took.

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Not all of it. Just the moonbase and transport sequences. Everything else was a Trek rehash.
The second year, yes. The first year, no. It was very different from Trek that year. Consciously so.

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Carriers, not battleships. There's a difference.
Not much, at least not for the purposes of this discussion.

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And Twilight Zone was more fun than both of them.
That's subjective. I find Trek to be overall more fun than Twilight Zone. A bad Star Trek still gives me entertainment. A bad Twilight Zone is just bad.

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I was talking about the Twilight Zone episode "The Invaders" with Endora from Bewitched fighting off little astronauts, which had nothing to do with The Fugitive, and was cooler and more imaginative than most of the things Gene and company ever came up with.
Sorry, I thought you meant the Quinn Martin TV series. The Twilight Zone is remembered primarily for the classic episodes, which are indeed classic. However, it also had a HUGE number of flops. For every Invaders or Odyssey of Flight 33, you have a Mighty Casey, or Come Wander with Me, or From Agnes with Love, or What's in the Box. It well deserves its reputation, but people are very happy to forget the (as Serling himself called them) "turkeys." Star Trek deserves the same consideration, but doesn't often get it. Give me Spock's Brain over Mr. Dingle the Strong any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

But, again, it's subjective. I prefer adventure sci-fi. TZ was not that. Apples and oranges, really.
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