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Insignia Class Starship c. 2299

This is something I've been working on for years. I'm clearly inspired by the TOS insignia for the crew of the Enterprise. I've been playing around with shapes (quite literally for years now) trying to pin down something that I'm pleased with.

A goal of course is also to make it look Federation, even though it doesn't have the traditional nacelle/ hull(s) structure.

I'm going with the Sovereign styling, despite it not being my favorite, because this shape seems to really work with it. I've tried other era type shapes and I think this looks best.

It will be about 13 decks in height. Yet wider than the E-E.

The hard part is getting the bussard shapes right since they will be inbedded in the side of the main hull. I want it to also make sense while still being pleasing to look at of course.

I'm thinking of a small Voyager type upper hull deflector since the bottom protrusion is too far back for a deflector to make sense. Plus I have the main photorp deck sticking out (as you can make out) as well.

One main impulse engine. Two shuttle decks. And of course the normal array of windows, access ports, phaser banks, et c...

Any thoughts on this? Drawings are welcome. Sketch right over top of mine if you like.

The end goal of course is to build it in Google SU.

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