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Re: how big an improvement is the star trek motion picture director cu

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Honestly, I don't think a person today would like any version. People have been conditioned to expect certain things from sci-fi films and I don't think TMP, in any form, has those things.
That's what I think improves its legacy over time. Khan was the crowd-pleaser, and that's fine and all, but TMP actually challenged the audience to slow down and think about things. It is unique even within Trek films. Consider how far things had fallen, intellectually, by the time Kirk said "What does God need with a starship?", let alone the banalities of the 2009 film.

To me, it's worst sin was how Kirk was presented with sort of a borderline personality disorder. It made sense within his character arc to give him an inner-conflict, but it was not satisfying to watch him be so uptight after years of wanting to see the band get back together. The best scene in the film is Spock and Kirk holding hands in sick bay for that reason, as it is a vital point of contrast.

I think after the TOS and TNG remasters they should go back one more time and redo TMP with HD effects and offer a branching blu-ray. In a home-theater environment pacing is not as much of an issue. Most people opt for longer edits rather than shorter ones (LOTR EE and Avatar come to mind).
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