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Re: Stanley Kubrick marathon

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That's precisely my point. The lack of communication makes it very difficult, but we do see Ripper's men commenting on the incredibly similarity in vehicles', weapons', and personnel appearances, and I find it interesting that they don't go beyond "Huh, that's weird" and immediately fire upon fellow Americans without realizing it.
Right, I wasn't disagreeing, just adding another theme.

In the '50s when Curtis LeMay (a likely influence for the Turgidson character) was running SAC he was very concerned (some might say paranoid) about air base infiltration by Soviets or fifth-columnists in the US. He was constantly running exercises with forces that would try to penetrate base security. This was touched on a little in the movie Strategic Air Command with Jimmy Stewart: A small airliner calls Mayday and asks for an emergency landing at the base's runway. When it lands "infiltrators" rush out to "sabotage" bombers. The commanding general emerges from the airliner to critique the base's performance and IIRC demotes the security officer on the spot.

I think things like the seizure of personal radios and the security forces' skepticism of the friendly-looking troops were probably references to that mindset.

I've been meaning to watch The Battle of Algiers for some time now and this is another reason for me to check it out.
It's really good.

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