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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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^ But the internet connects people too. I think the fact that he is a blogger allows him to be involved globally not just with people in Metropolis, but people all over the world with net access.

the G-man wrote: View Post
However, as mentioned before, there was no reason he couldn't have been a blogger for the Daily Planet and make the Planet a print and web presence. That would have modernized his job but still allowed for the DP supporting cast, etc.
Most of these bloggers attached to newspapers are responsible for editorial commentaries or being news aggregates that just repost material from other places. I think DC wants him to be relevant, but still do the investigative journalism angle.
I don't mind that he would be writing online, that makes sense to me. But when I think of blogging, I don't think of journalism. I think of some guy writing about Battlestar Galactica, why the old one was superior or political tin hat diatribes.

Is this new Clark as "blogger" more like Drudge, sans a particular political agenda?
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