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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Yeah, the guy needs to throw in the towel..and as far as Buck goes, he sucks too. Even after Verlander got spanked and was gone they were still kissing his ass.
Verlander really needed to be taken down a peg. I was getting a bit cheesed off at constantly being reminded about how perfect he was and how the Tigers can't lose when he's on the mound and how Game 1 was supposed to be a Tiger blowout and all that bullshit.
He really doesn't though. He is arguably the best pitcher in the game, and the most exciting to watch. Watching him dominate the Yankees was quite a treat.

Give credit to the Giants hitters. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes, and he was just a bit off last night. When he made a mistake, they made him pay for it.
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