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Re: Speculation: Must the villain be Gary Mitchell, or... ?

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Four novels were written and planned for release in 2010, by authors who know the Trek universe backwards and have written fantastic Treks in the past. Yet they were cancelled, seemingly in favour of this. The nuTrek Expanded Universe has been such a disappointment.
Not cancelled. Placed on hiatus. Big difference.

The "Starfleet Academy" novels are prequels. Less likely to conflict with a new movie. The "ST Ongoing", by retelling TOS episodes, can also be more easily constrained.

The four authors might "know the Trek universe backwards", but they do not know Orci & Kurtzman's universe beyond one movie. Yet.

Once JJ's team is done with their movies, Pocket Books will be keen to recoup the costs of the four original novels they have already paid the authors to write. They may well require tweaking, and can then incorporate info from the latter movies. It's much like the situation with the second and third "Vulcan's Soul" novels, which went on hiatus for twelve months so that the new-to-canon Remans of "Nemesis" could be shoehorned seemlessly into the ongoing narrative.
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