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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Lack of shiny, but also the system to search and sort them is SO bad that you have a hard time finding them. The spotlight is nice, but they should at least have a folder they dump the good ones into so you can find them. Would be nice to even have a DEV kinda reviewing them on the side, and putting the 'good' ones into the Must Play bin for us to find easily. Minimal effort on their part, and it'll appear like all this content is being promoted by them. They could even make it that if the DEV that reviews them likes it enough to promote, he tosses in better/shinier rewards at the end.

keep our review process, and just have them check out the best ones and see if they're worthy of promotion. At the very least, keep all the spotlight missions in one place, so if you miss it that week, it's still right there. Right now, it's about impossible to find the good ones unless you already know the name.

As for the STFs? I play them because there's not much else to do. I'm pretty good at them, and they reward decent DIL for the effort. And the dumb urge to try and beat the RNG and get the damned purple ground drops (all set several times over with the space sets). I get good DIL without having to run all over the place doing silly grinds, the chips and salvage buy me gear to load out all my ships, and I just want the last set piece (Infected!) and the accolades for finishing the sets at this point.

I USED TO like them, but they forced the grind so much that I'm just playing to finish now. It's just play by rote, and spin the wheel at the end. Get disappointed. Wash, rinse, repeat. But like I said, don't have to travel somewhere to join the queue, already geared up for it, just easy to jump in and kill 30 min that way.

REALLY hoping I can get that last drop before the system changes and I have to start over, just the personal shield away.

They need to introduce more of these STFs, this set is pretty played out. As far as things to do, it's pretty high on the entertainment process, but afte 2 years, they've wrung it pretty dry, time to add more. They could expand more with Terradome, make a new set with another bad guy, whatever, but I can't keep doing these.

While I like that you can guarantee an eventual set piece in the new system, it DOES cheapen it if you can pick whatever you want. No one's gonna play ground once you can win the ground piece by grinding the much easier, faster space missions. Can do all 3 space in the time it takes to have a decent IGE run, and in the space ones, pretty low chance of failure or people quitting. Why would people keep running IGE after that? It's WAY harder than CGE or KAGE, and takes longer, with people rage-quitting after failing the boss once or twice. Even if it's not specific to each set piece like now, there should at least be ground points and space points, so you still have to play SOME ground mission to get the ground gear. Maybe can play CGE instead of IGE, but gotta do SOME ground to get that piece of gear.
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