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Also, this episode does indeed seem very much like Sisko got promoted, which is why I decided to consider him a Commodore for the rest of the series on my latest rewatch.
Which makes sense considering how he takes a leadership role in planning the war effort from now on, which seems odd considering he's a captain. But 24th century Starfleet doesn't seem to have commodores for some reason.

Favor the Bold (****)

A week or so after getting promoted into a position of strategic power, Sisko manipulates Starfleet command into a push to retake DS9, ostensibly so as to take back control of the wormhole, but we know he really did it to get his baseball back. He amasses the largest fleet of Starfleet vessels assembled possibly in all of fictional history, and boy is that a sight to behold. And let us not forget the unsung hero of the Alpha Quadrant: Morn. If it wasn't for his bravery in sneaking a message out in a birthday ribbon then the Federation would have been doomed, and he did it all without once opening his mouth to complain.

Favor the Bold is a difficult episode to discuss because of how it's so tied in with the previous episode and what will happen in the next one. But while that makes for a difficult episode to review, it makes for a great viewing experience. Things are reaching boiling point, the characters on the station are slowly making their true colours known, both Quark and Ziyal are moving away from the neutral position and are turning on Dukat and the occupying forces, while Kira has had enough of Damar and beats him to holy hell. One interesting thing I didn't notice before is that Damar is revealing a lot of top secret information to Quark even though Damar must know that Quark's loyalties are divided right now. I used to think that this was because of Damar's overconfidence, but is it possible that this was the first sign that Damar's conscience was bothering him and he subconsciously told Quark in the hope that the Dominion would be stopped? That seems a little out there, but MA suggests that the writers were considering such things at this time.

Meanwhile, Odo has sex with the Female Changeling and she's so bad at it that he begins to regret siding with her. She was like a dead fish during the whole experience, which is completely unlike what Odo imagines Kira would be like, so he regrets having picked the Female Changeling over Kira. But Kira wants nothing to do with Odo, she's so pissed at him that she nearly beats him to hell just like she did to Damar, which simultaneously upsets Odo and reaffirms his belief of what she'd be like in bed. This is how I choose to explain the inconsistencies of this arc. (As an aside, calling the Female Changeling by that moniker is getting lame, I need a new name for her, like how I called The Doctor "K-Shmull". Any suggestions? Because if you guys don't come up with anything then I'll just come up with something stupid like F-Change.)
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