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Re: "Time's Arrow" Line-by-Line

DATA: Adjusting the synchronic distortion. Point zero zero one. Point zero zero two. [Data starts fading out] Point zero zero three. Point zero zero four. (Data is now invisible but audible through the com-system) I have made visual contact. There are lifeforms here. They're either unaware of me or choosing to ignore me. I am moving approximately ten metres north of my starting position to observe more closely. They range from two to three meters in height. Silver gray in color. They have four limbs. No eyes or ears are noticeable. There is a single orifice where a humanoid forehead would ordinarily be. They are reclined against the rock face surrounding an apparatus of some sort approximately one point five meters in height. It is releasing what appear to be energy fragments, which are then ingested by the entities through the orifice. Perhaps some sort of nourishment. The upper portion of the apparatus seems to be a holding facility for the energy segments. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of these fragments inside. I have resumed a northerly direction. There is no evidence yet of humans.

(Over Data) GEORDI: Okay, that's enough Data. Come on back now...)

I have encountered another lifeform. An ophidian. It seems to be restricted by a forcefield. Two of the silver-gray entities are approaching it. They have released the forcefield. I am reading a temporal distortion of massive proportions. The ophidian is cap... (static) time-space continuum. Caught in the after effect. I am attempting....

(There's a flash of light, the sparking generator falls to the ground, Data's voice is gone.)
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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